Digital Media Production in London, Leicester & New York

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We’ve made over 5000 videos – but we’re still as passionate and excited as ever in finding new innovative ways to inform, entice, empower, entertain and fully engage audiences. Videos have always outperformed other media for creating an impact and attracting lasting attention. Now as an integral part of web and interactive platforms, the role […]

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Channel 2020 has a reputation for outstanding and pioneering work in web application services for a wide range of government, private sector, niche interest markets, broadcasting and local or regional communities. From appealing & relevant design, through to easy to use CMS for content editing plus ensuring maximum accessibility, compliance standards and web optimisation, your […]


TV Programmes

We’ve produced a range of TV series covering such areas as leisure, computer games, sports, travel and technology. This year we aim to branch out to include programmes about top business people and celebrity lifestyles as well as our first documentary. We’re also experts in branded TV where compliance issues are critical.



We specialize mainly in TV advertising for niche markets. TV no longer belongs just to the big brands, as digital and satellite channel time becomes more affordable virtually any business can afford to use TV of exposing your brand to a targeted audience. Research shows that even if a customer doesn’t immediately buy a product […]

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Videos or animated content can become huge through internet sharing. And where mainstream communications often have to meet certain organizational guidelines, the shackles can come off with fun inspired viral campaigns. Unashamedly attention seeking, a successful viral video with a great idea can cascade down to reach audiences at a speed your marketing team can […]

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Interactive presentations are still an excellent means of communication, helping to stimulate live events or client meetings. 2020 led the way with Macromedia Director interactive CDROM or DVD products enabling us to combine our design, animation & video expertise into integrated products for presentation, distribution or direct sale. Now Adobe Flash has became the format […]

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Online TV

Today there are few people who don’t use the web as their main platform to view video – whether for business or personal interests. So every organisation should be commissioning video that is designed to maximize its impact online and providing the right online platform to ensure it plays back smoothly and instantly. At 2020 […]

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Sketch illustration, cartoon animation, 3D modeling, animated web ads, 2020 specialises in all forms of digital animation. And because we have an in-house team that works across video, web, interactive and print media, we have the expertise for developing characters, stories and creative styling that work across all platforms. One design concept rolled out across […]



Our motto has always been: Our business is about understanding yours. We believe one of 2020’s greatest assets is our ability when we meet new organisations to learn quickly about their sector, working culture and challenges and to translate that knowledge and understanding into intelligent, entertaining and visually stimulating materials. With no understanding, there can […]

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Public Sector

Public sector organisations have never been so challenged with increasing customer expectations of their services weighed down with year on year requirements to deliver better services at lower cost. The way they are structured, how they choose to deliver services either directly or using expert outsourcing, how they better engage with their employees, their communities […]

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This is a loose term! Although we try and make much of our content entertaining, we do cover specific areas where entertainment value is key. Our main areas of entertainment content are: golf for TV programmes, improvement guides, features for our online TV portal other sports (we covered motor-racing for Silverstone TV, squash and […]


Drama & Documentaries

20-20’s team have been developing their own short drama based films for years. Since inception 2020 has also been producing documentaries for the business and education sectors with topics ranging from surviving anorexia to looking at how sustainable businesses & communities can operate and examining the role and influence of police leaders on our society. […]